A beautiful home office, where I did a suede technique in a rich, dark chocolate color (Turkish Coffee/Sherwin Williams)





The suede finish gives an enveloping, comforting feel to a room. Very elegant.


Here is a trey ceiling, done with various techniques.... ragging, feathering, pouncing, spongeing, and just plain painting....with different types of paint, including some of the suede paint I used on the walls. 


A very tall foyer....eeeeek! We used a metallic paint to resemble rolled bronze....and then a chocolate border to bring in contrast:

Different angle:


There are many, many different faux finishes that I love to do.  Among them are sueding, ragging, antiquing, faux metal, distressing, and you-just-name-it and I'll figure it out.  It is great fun to transform a space into a Tuscan villa, a warm sueded retreat, or an antiqued and patina-ed version of something that was new.     Below is a barrel-vaulted ceiling that was transformed into an antiqued copper walkway.  The pictures don't do this beautiful home justice.



This is not a faux finish ..... but it IS a wedding that I decorated for!.....


Faux-finished cabinets; sueded the ceiling



Very tall set of built-ins that I faux-finished.....decorator's home



What a wonderful teenager's bathroom and bedroom..... I striped the bedroom, ragged the bathroom, and painted "cheetah" print on the trey ceiling and the bathroom mirror.  



I painted the logo for this fitness center in Villa Rica, Georgia.  See the "Children" tab for the safari playroom I painted at the same location.


A kitchen table antiqued to show the beautiful mouldings

Ceiling fan -- used a crackle technique to show the black underneath



This was a bathroom re-do....I did  a ragged, Tuscany finish on the walls, refinished the cherry cabinets and faux-finished the columns to a marble look-alike.  Wonderful client, wonderful bliss doing the columns!

   Remember to click on any small images to enlarge!

Antiqued fireplace


   Tuscany-inspired faux finish on 2 trey ceilings

    This is a combined technique....a ragged finish on the flat ceiling and a suede finish done in "Buffalo" on the side walls of the trey.  I love the suede -- it looks like the real thing!


Marbled trey ceiling in a dining room.....one of my favorites


 This was formerly some old, peeling wallpaper -- now the ceiling is much happier, as well as the client!

108-year old Victorian home -- This bathroom had 1980s peeling wallpaper on the upper walls and ceiling. Nasty dark peach-colored trim and wallboard.

Ahhhh, not.....

Removed all the wallpaper, prepped and primed the old plaster walls, applied four coats of Behr Venetian Plaster and painted all the wallboard and trim w/Behr paint/primer in Antique White. Ahhhhh, much better!

Added findings from all over.....

Lowered the ceiling two feet, using beadboard and trim.....making it "only" a ten-foot ceiling. Added new light fixture from Home Depot (on sale half-price!)

Found these shutters, which fit the window perfectly, on a sidewalk sale in Villa Rica, Georgia.....for $10 a pair! (had priced custom shutters at over $100 per pair)!

Now this is a comfortable, beautiful powder room and bathroom to soak in the clawfoot tub.