A cabinet, repurposed for a little girl's bedside table....


Frog prince in a nursery....waiting on his princess!


Here are some Children's rooms/nurseries/playrooms I have done.... click on smaller images to enlarge!


Happy Stegosaurus in a young client's bedroom

 This client wanted to add his large dinosaur stickers to the volcano scene later...



A nursery for a new baby....





Safari playroom at a wonderful fitness center in Villa Rica, Georgia --



The precious (and precocious) 2-year old whose nursery this mural was in kept coming in the room, pointing and saying, "My Castle! My Castle!" I enjoyed that little girl as she made me "chicken" and "breakfast" in her play kitchen as I painted.


Delightful children's playroom in a private home...



Church nursery, toddler room

      I enjoyed this church family immensely and enjoyed this fun mural!          


One of my favorite themes in nurseries are loved books and nursery rhymes.....hence "Beatrix Potter"


  Happy memories of reading books to my children


Can you tell that I love butterflies?! They live a brief and battered life, but they are ALL there, seizing the day.


          Sweetness in a little girl's room


This is an attic playroom for her many, many grandchildren!


Very smart and industrious client made this bunkbed for her children and I faux-woodgrained the boat. She bought a real brass porthole on ebay and I painted a fish looking "out."  The whole effect of the room was of a sunken ship, with fish, dolphins, turtles, and Mr. Octopus frolicking about.... complete with sunken treasure under the boat.  Delightful!