Artist’s statement:

The world, to me, is a sumptuous banquet of colors, smells and experiences. Anything that I draw or paint is really just my attempt at an interpretation of the rich and overwhelming layers of beauty that I see everywhere. I love, love, love color! There is far too much white in the halls of our everyday lives. In nature, white is reserved for small things… eggs, a few flowers, the tuft of a deer’s tail…. or the blanket of snow which pleasures us shortly and then melts into spring. Color can bring joy or sorrow, can express our inmost feelings. I adore the details of things and I love to paint the hairs on a fox’s nose or the glisten of an alert eye. Art is sharing what I see with others; art is a reflection of the soul. It is what I am compelled to do. Soli deo Gloria!





Rosemarie Slate Norton is an artist working in the metro Atlanta

 area, with a 

focus on murals, faux finishes and painted furniture. She was born in Pekin, Illinois and raised in Powder Springs, Georgia, a suburb of Atlanta. She was educated at Bryan College in Dayton, Tennessee and Kennesaw College in Georgia, as an English major. She began drawing and painting as a child, learning from many sources including her uncle, who was a local artist. After marrying and starting a family, she focused on pen-and-ink drawing, mixed media and decorating. Her husband and she renovated, built and sold several homes over the years, always with an eye for beautiful paint and design. Around 1996, she began a mural and decorative painting business, Rosemarie's Embellishments, working with Atlanta decorators, contractors and individuals. She has taught art classes for several years in different settings, and taught elementary and high school art in four private schools. Married to Ken Norton for 40 years, they have three married sons and a married daughter, twelve grandchildren and live in a 120-year-old Queen Anne Victorian home in historic downtown Villa Rica. Rosemarie is also an active real estate agent, writer, and flutist, but she'd always rather be painting!




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